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Hetzjagd: Gin Brassee by Neko-Fayth Hetzjagd: Gin Brassee by Neko-Fayth
I really don't even know why I bothered finishing this. I hate this ref so much and just UGH I AM CRANKY IGNORE ME
Twin brother
Name: Gin Brassee (Pronounced like the alcohol)
Age: 19
Height: 5’8”
Gender: Male
Weapons(and Description): Gin doesn’t carry any weapons but he’s pretty good at outsmarting others and used to run track so he’s rather swift.
Department: Llyfrwr
Background: Gin’s childhood was very sheltered. He spent every waking (and non) with his twin brother Gen. By the time the two were finally allowed into school, Gen had trouble expressing himself. Because Gen was so angry, loud and rude, people tended to floated to Gin’s softer personality. Although most just wanted to be friends with him to get to know Gen.

His family was very well off and moved several times. He was born in California and is where he spent most of his childhood, throughout elementary school. Middle school he moved to Florida, and High School he finished out in New York. They also own a condo in Japan and a nice mansion in France. Though they usually only visited during the summer when the boys were out of school. Gin was very active as a child and participated in many gym activities but preferred track since his brother seemed most active on that team. He did enjoy archery though, but never really followed through after checking out the club.

Wanting a life of action and adventure he went to Hetzjagd and applied for Alichino since he didn’t want to continue his education.

~His mother is actually a famous porn star and his father a director.
~First born twin.
~Faints at the sight/smell/taste of blood.
~Absolutely loves heights. He often is climbing the bookcases or racing on the ladders. Though he claims it’s faster to get around that way. Occasionally he’ll clear off a shelf extremely high up and hide up there.
~He’s extremely good at memorizing things and it fast learner when it comes to mistakes.
~Gin is a pretty good cook, and likes to make food for people. It’s a fun relaxing hobby for him, as is cleaning.
~Also a vegetarian. He can prepare meat (usually Gen cleans it first and takes care of the blood) but he prefers not to eat it. The texture alone makes him feel sick when he chews.

RPE (Role Playing Example of your character meeting their department head): Gen was excited. He was past excited. He didn’t care if he had no clue who these people were. He was going to be a member of Alichino! A hunter! “Gin! Come onnnn.” He whined and tugged on his brother’s sleeve.

“I’m coming~!” Gin laughed knocking his forehead with Gen’s and heading out to their motorcycle. Things had changed so much since they had bought a house together and they were closer than ever. Gen sped the whole way down the Buffalo streets desperate to reach the large building of Hetzjagd. “Ffft! Gen slow it a bit! You’re gonna kill us!” the elder of the two shouted. Gen couldn’t even release the gas with the closer they got.

Barely arriving in one piece Gen raced up the steps, Gin being dragged behind. People stared in the lobby, but Gen didn’t care. Today would be the best day of his life. “Gen chill it!” Gin warned as Gen skied into the elevator slamming into the back wall.

“Hit four! Hit it! Come on!” Gen exclaimed. Gin shook his head jabbing the button but decided there was nothing that would stop Gen from his wild rampage. No sooner had the doors opened the two were off again. Gen looked excitedly around the room pacing. He had expected such a laid back environment. He expected simulators and weapons galore.

“Gin Brassee!” a voice shouted from the office hidden by the back wall. The twins looked at one another solemnly, seriously. They were actually going to separated. For the first time. Ever. For a job interview of all things. Gin headed to the back disappearing from view.

He paused awkwardly inside staring at the man behind the desk. He was lean with a hard face and as pale as his hair was dark. With pointed eyes he opened a hand gesturing for a seat. Luck had sat up most the evening bothering his parents about two applications. One of its writers in front of him. He slowly sat looking up to Luck obediently.

“So, kid, wanna tell me about yourself?” he questioned fiddling with Gin’s paperwork. It was lengthy, desperate, very much wanting to be in his department. Gin shifted eyeing the older man’s hands.
“Well,” he began softly finally meeting the purple irises. “ My application pretty much has everything I very well co-“

“Dammit.” Luck cursed shaking his hand slightly, the sting of the paper cut aching. Gin was out like a light, slouched in the chair. “Oh god dammit again. Useless fucking brat.”

Coming to Gin went to rub his throbbing head, but was met with a loud crunch. He peeled a post it note from his head. He squinted adjusting his glasses to read it. “Urngh,” A big, black, bold no greeted him coldly. Well fuck. Gin looked around slowly rubbing his forehead. “Well, plan B, head to Landwrit.”

He headed up to floor seven feeling queasy. How nice it was of the Alichino head to leave him on his ass on the ground floor. Absolutely pleasant. He stepped off the elevator eyeballing the sea of blue and white uniforms, their owners staring back. Gin knocked softly on the door though jumped back at its abrupt opening. He was met with another cold glance, though this one was odd considering it was what looked like a fake eye, the over covered be a peculiar monocle. She lifted a head set brushing off her blouse. “Yes?” she said quickly, though it didn’t sound unfriendly, nothing was inviting about it.

“I-I wanted to apply for Landwrit?” he attempted. Gin placed his hands in his pockets wanting to keep eye contact, but something told him it was ruder to do so.

“Evayne,” she called, quickly answered by a petite girl, looking bright eyed and pushy tailed at the calling. “Why don’t you take care of this guy here, huh? Bit busy.” She continued idly shutting the door.

“That’s a no, isn’t it?” Gin’s face twisted as he peered over his shoulder as Evayne leaned on her desk with a smirk.

“Yea, we’re closed for apps right now. ‘Sides that do you have any training or know biology, agriculture?” Evayned quizzed knowing well enough what Jane Doe wanted. She’d heard the lecture enough to repeat it in her sleep.

“No, but I co-“

“Mmm, nope, sorta have to come in with it.” She winked playing with the collar of her jacket making her cleavage more obvious. She pouted as he wandered by gloomily going back from whence he came, no better than before.

Gin decided to wait downstairs for his brother. He’d probably made it into Alichino on his first shot, and here he’d rot jobless. They’d be separated more than he’d hoped. Where could he even look for work now. Fft-


Gin looked up at the man he’d just ran into. The raining books around him seemed to be the least of his worries. The other fellow looked a scattered mess, even though he attempted correct his glasses. “I-I am so, so sorry.” He apologized quickly gathering the books. He listened to the other man groan as he knelt gathering them silently, though he looked like he wanted to do it alone. Gin turned one of the books over in his hand, mouthing the introduction, remembering a book report on it.
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nightjarlette Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2010
Oh God I love his RPE. POOR GIN. FLUNG AROUND HETZJAGD LIKE. A. fris...beeeeee?

Lucky for him he has awesome shoes. I'm sure that makes everything better. Yes. And super buff looking calves. 8D~~~~

And aww bento. <3 DOES HIS HAVE HELLO KITTY ON IT. *∆*
Neko-Fayth Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol Sadly Gin is underloved some days. ;u;""

Yess he wears them everywhere. He couldn't care less what else he wore as long as he has those shoesssss. and yea... that was sorta a mistake. >>;;; but he is a runner so? lol

Noooo, he has a bee on it with flowers and it has his nickname his Mommy calls him. "Ginny-Bee".
nightjarlette Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2010
aww AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW bee bento. that is even cuter. does he make flowers from wieners? wiener wiener wienerrr
Neko-Fayth Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
He makes octopii, though he doesn't eat them.
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